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Newsletter: July 10, 2021

Assigned beds!

It is Important That We Keep Up With Our Plot Assignments. If We Work Together, The Garden Will Maintain Its Pristine Look and More Importantly Keep Pests And Diseases Out Of The Area. Please Stay Diligent About Keeping Your Personal Bed And Assigned Bed Clear Of Weeds. Thank You

This Week

Heat, rain, and wind. We received a triple threat of weather this week. I hope everyone and their plants survived the heavy bursts of rain and wind. Stay diligent in keeping hydrated and protect yourself from the elements. I have added a forum to our website. You must log in to add a question or answer.

Next Week

*Remember: Friday will now be a morning shift (7 am to 10 am)*

Monday priorities:

  • Trellis tomatoes.
  • Cultivate your assigned beds and aisles.

Friday priorities:

  • Deer fence and gate construction.
  • Harvest potatoes.

Vegetable of the Week: Mustard

Soil Temp for Germ.: 40-75°F
Days to Emergence: 2-15
Seed Depth: 1/4″
Thin Plants To: 6-18″
Seed Spacing: 1″
Row Spacing: 9-18″
Min. Germ.: 80%
Seed Life: 3 years
Seeds per gram: ≈ 450
Fertilizer Needs: Medium

Days to maturity are calculated from date of direct seeding.


  • Mustard greens are easy crops to grow if planted in early spring or late summer
  • Mustards are best directly sown

Direct Sowing

  • Make a furrow 6 inches deep and sprinkle 1/2 cup fertilizer per 10 row feet in the bottom of the furrow
  • Backfill the furrow and plant the seed
  • Thin after second set of true leaves
  • Sow July—August for a fall crop


  • Start indoors 3-5 weeks before anticipated transplant
  • Put out after the danger of hard frost, and use 1/4 cup fertilizer around each plant
  • For a fall crop: start July—August for transplanting August—September

Insects & Diseases

  • Common insects: Flea beetles
  • Insect control: silver mulch, or row covers at planting
  • Disease prevention: 5-7 year crop rotation

Workday Task List


  • Perimeter of fence (inside and outside)
  • Shed and Compost areas
  • Perimeter of communal raised beds
  • Pollinator beds outside fenced area

Cleaning and Organizing

  • Communal materials
  • Shed
  • Tools

General Maintenance

  • Pulling dead plants and crops
  • Repairing Hoses and Irrigation lines
  • Repair and maintain rain barrel
  • Repairing fence

Seasonal or As needed

  • Soil installation
  • Woodchip/mulch installation
  • Harvesting crops
  • Irrigating pollinator beds