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Newsletter: February 7, 2021

NOFA NJ book club

What: online book club that meets quarterly; February: soil science for gardeners, Robert Pavlis

When: February 9th

Time: 7 – 8pm

Where: NOFA NJ website

Cost: free


2022 applications are continuing to be received.

As a reminder, please keep march 20th 9 to 11 am open for our 2022 garden orientation. This event will be at the garden.

Garden planning

This time of year is fantastic for setting your garden plan. This means choosing seed varieties, writing down planting dates, drawing planting maps, and thinking about crop rotations. A great guide to execute all of these potential aspects is a common crop chart and a personal planting plan. Be sure to remember that these are plans and as the year rolls on you may have to adapt to what this world throws at your garden.