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Center for Environmental Transformation Visit

Door for the Center for Environmental Transformation

On Wednesday, November 22, 2017, I visited the Center for Environmental Transformation (CFET) in Camden, NJ. I received a wonderful tour of the Center and it’s surrounding plots from the Director, Teresa Niedda. According to their website, the CFET engages, educates, and inspires people to practice a more environmentally responsible way of living on the planet. They do this by partnering with local organizations and residents, as well as hosting experiential learning retreats with a focus on sustainability and various events throughout the year related to environmental issues.

I reached out to Teresa because I had been at the Center once before in 2012 for a high school retreat. The first changed I noticed happened when I was greeted not by the plain white door that I was familiar with, but by a beautifully painted door:

By mistake, I had forgotten to take a picture of the door, but I found this one on the Center’s Facebook page

I was then welcomed inside by the Center’s head gardener, who then introduced me to Teresa. We started our tour by first going to the Center’s garden. A generous neighbor lets the Center access the garden through her backyard. Though the harvesting season was coming to a close, the garden and greenhouse looked beautiful.

Next, we visited an educational site around the corner. The Center uses this site for educational purposes

Finally, we visited another site. While we tried to figure out if this might have been a site I had worked on 5 years ago, I admired the wonderful orchard and beehives. The beehives were particularly interesting to me as we are trying to get beehives at the MUCG.