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Harvesting and Sharing

Healthy organic fruits and veggies shouldn’t be a luxury. They are necessary for the body to function at its fullest capacity. This is one reason our MU Community garden has happily reserved many plots specifically for community donations. For four years now the MU Garden has donated literally tons, nearly nine thousand pounds, of fresh produce to food pantries and soup kitchens across Monmouth County.

Providing healthy produce has been a community effort at the garden! Gardeners and volunteers participate in maintaining the community plots. From weeding, to watering, and dropping off donations – donating thousands of pounds of produce each summer is something we all contribute to! As the season moves ahead and the garden matures from seed to ripened plants – our united efforts continue to be needed. If you harvest from the community plot, please remember to weigh the produce and fill in the information in the log found in the mailbox to the right of the shed.

We have many places we partner with for our donations and will be sending out a list soon via email. Please feel free to email the steering committee if you have any questions.

Otherwise, see you at the garden!