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Assorted vegetables in a basket on a table outdoors

Celebrating the Earth – With a Garden!

Spring is finally here! For gardeners the arrival of spring means planting, nurturing and tending the earth. And for the Monmouth community gardeners it means our 4th annual kick off! The garden plots are assigned, tilled and ready for planting.

In celebration of earth week, on April 26th from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., we invite one and all to join us in celebrating the earth as we officially open the garden! It’s a great opportunity to connect with other gardeners, share a skill – learn a skill and feel a part of community.

As the garden prepares for another year of planting and community building – we will be utilizing this site as a major means of communication. In addition to the site and the blog, emails will be sent alerting you to plot and weeding assignments, when the water is turned on and other upcoming events. Check your email and back here for MU Community Garden News!