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Music Theory Assessment

All new Monmouth University students who are earning their B.A. in Music degree with a concentration in Music, Music Education, Music Theatre, or Music Industry are asked to complete the music theory assessment prior to the start of their first semester. This is not a test; it is simply an assessment of your knowledge of music theory. The results inform the Music and Theatre Arts Department of incoming students’ music understanding and experience. In turn, this enables the department to better serve each student by placing you in the appropriate music theory class. If you do not have experience with music theory, please do not worry; you will learn the fundamentals of this area once you are enrolled.

Note, scale, interval, and key signature identification are included in the music theory assessment at Monmouth University. You do not need to prepare, however, there are websites such as Music TheoryTone Savvy, and Musi Cards that are great resources to help introduce you to the content of the assessment so that you know what to expect.