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  • Social Services

    Monmouth University undergraduates not majoring in Social Work have the option to complete a minor in Social Services. The minor consists of 16 credits and allows students to gain familiarity and perspective with social work practice and policy issues.

  • B.S.W. in Social Work with Criminal Justice

    Monmouth University’s Social Work with Criminal Justice dual degree program prepares students to handle complex societal challenges that can affect the safety and wellbeing of a community.

  • B.S.W. – Bachelor of Social Work

    The Bachelor of Social Work Program at Monmouth University is a fully accredited program by the Council on Social Work Education and introduces students to the knowledge, values, skills, and ethics necessary for competent practice of the social work profession.

  • Gerontology

    The 15-credit undergraduate Certificate in Gerontology is an interdisciplinary program that includes designated courses in Anthropology, Nursing and Health Studies, Psychology, Social Work, and Sociology.

  • Doctor of Social Work (DSW)

    Monmouth’s Doctor of Social Work (DSW) in Human Rights Leadership prepares you to be an agent of change at the executive level. You will learn to design, evaluate, and implement effective human rights programs and policies that positively impact individuals and communities.

  • M.S.W. in Social Work with a Specialization in Global and Community Practice

    Monmouth’s Global and Community Practice specialization will give you the opportunity to address the concerns and needs of communities, organizations, and groups in local and global contexts through the development of specialized assessment, planning, intervention, and evaluation skills.

  • M.S.W. in Social Work

    Our nationally recognized 54-credit MSW program will provide you with the theoretical knowledge and field experience you need for professional social work practice in a wide range of settings, from schools and hospitals to mental health and correctional facilities.

  • M.S.W. Clinical Practice with Families and Children Specialization

    Through a selection of strengths-based approaches, the Families and Children specialization addresses family- and child-focused concerns across a level of need spectrum from poverty and homelessness to communication and interpersonal counseling.

  • Play and Expressive Therapies

    Monmouth’s Master of Social Work program offers a comprehensive, 18-credit Graduate Certificate in Play and Expressive Therapies designed to enhance the clinical practice of mental health professionals working with children and adolescents.

  • Clinical Social Work Licensure

    Earning the Clinical Social Work Licensure certification will allow you to expand your career opportunities to leadership roles within a mental health facility, substance abuse centers, private practices, and more.