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  • Environmental Biology

  • Biology

  • B.S. in Marine and Environmental Biology and Policy

    Monmouth’s B.S. in Marine and Environmental Biology and Policy program will teach you to apply a foundational knowledge of science to pressing environmental issues, laws, and policies. You will learn to analyze marine and terrestrial ecosystems and understand ways to conserve and manage our natural resources.

  • B.S. in Biology with a Concentration in Molecular Cell Physiology

    Students with an interest in genetics and biochemistry can concentrate their work in molecular cell physiology. As a discipline, molecular cell physiology studies the link between chemistry and biology, and how the interaction of molecules gives rise to life.

  • B.S. in Biology

    Biology reveals the complexity of life and the intricacies of nature. Students in Monmouth University’s biology program develop their critical thinking skills by conducting research in the laboratory and at field sites taking advantage of our Jersey Shore location. Graduates are preparing for careers in the natural sciences, graduate work, or professional school.