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  • Write a Class Note

    One of the most popular sections of the alumni magazine, Monmouth University Magazine, is Class Notes. No wonder! Where else can you find out what your former classmates have been doing since graduation?

    To satisfy your curiosity, read the Class Notes from past issues of Monmouth University Magazine.

    And while you're browsing, satisfy everyone else's curiosity by writing a Class Note about yourself for a future magazine issue. Let us know about that great new job (or retirement), or your long career in whatever field you chose when you left Monmouth. Tell us about your family, your recent marriage, the birth of children and grandchildren, that new home you purchased, or who you bumped into or heard from recently.

    Select the type of Class Note you want to submit by selecting one of the options below. Please complete and submit the accompanying online form that appears with your selection.

    If you have a photo of yourself or a group shot of Monmouth alums, please send it along as an e-mail attachment (in "jpg" format) to to accompany your Class Note.

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