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Kelly Ward PhD, LCSW, LCADC

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Meet Kelly

Dr. Ward started as an adjunct at Monmouth and is currently a professor in the School of Social Work as well as the former director of Experiential Education. Dr. Ward is passionate about social work and is committed to working with students so that they work with people to end socially unjust issues including, but not limited to, drug and alcohol addiction, poverty, homelessness, human trafficking, drug trafficking, lack of healthcare, and unequal education, ultimately helping people achieve their human rights.

Dr. Ward’s current research interests include higher education and how addiction impacts the family, and she recently co-wrote a social work text-book, a book written with her freshman seminar class about the use of Facebook and texting, and co-edited a book on forensic social work.

Why I'm proud of Monmouth

Ward enjoys being a part of the Monmouth University community because she says it is more than just a university. She says, "It is a committed community that supports and guides students to success. I am energized by the students I teach and advise. For me, watching students who begin their freshman year as anxious, excited teenagers transform into young, passionate social workers is very rewarding. The beauty of the campus and the location’s proximity to New York and Philadelphia is also a draw."

My favorite Monmouth memory

After working at Monmouth for almost 20 years, Ward has many fond memories of her department-being a part of growing a BSW program, developing an MSW program, and ultimately a School of Social Work. She has watched her students graduate and gain internships with the knowledge from her classes. Ward even enjoys hearing from her students' employers on their progress and how Monmouth students are more prepared than other university students. She values the relationships she has built with colleagues, both professionally and personally. But her greatest Monmouth memory of all was when she was awarded the distinguished teacher of the year award. She says, "It was a moment that I shared with my husband, my colleagues, and a very special cohort of students that particular year. I will always remember Monmouth University with affection and pride."