Bruce Normandia PhD

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Meet Bruce

Dr. Normandia was an elementary school principal, was an assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction, and completed a seven-year term as superintendent of schools before joining the faculty at Monmouth University, where he has taught a variety of graduate and undergraduate courses.

Since arriving at Monmouth, Dr. Normandia's research has focused on communication in the mathematics classroom, and issues of equity and access in mathematics education. Dr. Normandia has coauthored a children's early childhood mathematics book, The Dooples and the Shapes. An active member of the Monmouth University community, Dr. Normandia also presents his research both nationally and internationally.

Collaborations that I've been involved with

In 2005, I worked collaboratively with my graduate student and Dr. J. Huang at the University of Colorado, an expert in linguistics, to produce a collaboratively published study that addressed teacher and student talk in the pre-calculus classroom.

Why I'm proud of Monmouth

While encouraging faculty research, I am most proud of Monmouth University’s dedication and commitment to teaching and learning.

My favorite Monmouth memory

My favorite memory at Monmouth is really a collective one. Each year I receive tens of e-mails from our graduates who have been hired to teach mathematics by school districts because of their skills and sound philosophy of teaching mathematics. What more of a reward could a professor ask for?