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Important Administrative Update

Dear Colleagues:

I hope the spring semester is off to a strong start. Thank you for all the ways you continue to challenge—and support—our students.

I write today with an important update regarding the senior administrative team. In the coming days, we will launch searches for the permanent Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs position and the permanent Director of Athletics. Before we initiate these two senior-level searches, I wanted to share an overview of the intended search process for each position.

Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs: Following recent conversations with the Faculty Council, I have decided to launch the search for the permanent Provost, commencing as soon as practicable. While I will be focused on identifying internal candidates for this position, this search will also be open to external candidates, consistent with our hiring policies for academic leadership positions. An eight-person search committee will be comprised of 3 faculty members, elected by the Faculty Council; 3 administrators, appointed by me; and 1 student, appointed by the Student Government Association. I will personally chair the committee. Once we identify all of the members, the committee will convene soon after the position is officially posted.

Director of Athletics: As is my customary practice since I started at Monmouth, I will launch the search for the Athletic Director first for internal candidates. We have a deep talent pool among our employees at Monmouth, and internal searches allow valued members of our University community to step into new roles and to advance their careers. If an internal search does not yield a successful candidate within the designated timeframe, then I will expand the search to include external candidates. Similarly, I will chair a small search committee, which will be comprised of administrators, coaches, and a student/athlete.

As always, if you have questions, please reach out to me directly at We look forward to initiating these important searches soon.



Dr. Patrick F. Leahy