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This Halloween: Careful Princess, Your Crown is Slipping!

Superheroes give boys and girls common ground to play together based on shared interests, rather than always organizing their play groups by gender.

by Lisa M. Dinella, Ph.D.

Published by: The Huffington Post

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Lisa M. Dinella, Ph.D., is a research scientist who investigates the connection between gender, academic achievement, and career development. Dr. Dinella studies children’s toy play and media exposure, and how gendered experiences shape academic and career pursuits across the lifespan. She is the Principal Investigator of the Gender Development Laboratory at Monmouth University, where she is an Associate Professor of Psychology and Affiliated Faculty Member of Gender Studies.

Her school-based research endeavors led to her edited book Conducting Science-Based Psychology Research in Schools. Dr. Dinella recently gave an invited address at the White House, Washington D.C. on gender disparities in children’s toys and media.