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“The Outlook” Named ‘Most Outstanding Weekly Newspaper’ by ASPA

“The Outlook,” Monmouth’s student-run newspaper, was recognized as “Most Outstanding University Weekly Newspaper For 2020-2021″ by the American Scholastic Press Association in its annual national competition. This is the sixth time “The Outlook” has won this award and is the newspaper’s second back-to-back win.

“I am thrilled that the ASPA recognized this remarkable achievement,” said John Morano, professor of journalism and adviser of “The Outlook.” “What wonderful students we have doing journalism of the highest order.”

Morano, who recently stepped down from his advising role after more than 30 years, also reflected on the significance of this accomplishment during a global pandemic, adding, “This is a special championship. Of course they all are, but this one, like the year we were recognized with a championship for our coverage of Super Storm Sandy, came in the face of monumental challenges. The students faced these demands with the most noble of motives. They were committed to providing the campus community with useful information throughout the pandemic, and they were also adamant that they would not be silenced by COVID.”

Editor-in-Chief and English graduate student Melissa Badamo ’21 noted that even while operating completely remotely, “The Outlook” staff rose to the challenge and continued to print issues each Wednesday. “This award is the result of the hard work and talent of our amazing team,” Badamo said. “It shows that we are committed to excellent and fair journalism, which is more important than ever during the pandemic. I am incredibly proud to have had the honor of leading this group of students as Editor-in-Chief.”


“The Outlook” is one of the longest-running student activities at Monmouth and has been published since the school’s inception as Monmouth Junior College in 1933.