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Statement on the Executive Order restricting immigration

Dear campus community,

As a university comprised of students from 31 countries, including some affected by the recent Executive Order restricting immigration, we are carefully monitoring recent federal action that may restrict travel for foreign-born students, faculty, staff and other members of the Monmouth University community.

The full scope and legal ramifications of the Executive Order continue to evolve in the face of legal challenges. While we continue to study the most appropriate recommendations for our students and faculty who may be impacted by the Order, please know that Monmouth University remains committed to our core values of integrity and diversity, characterized by cultural understanding and respect for others.

We also remain committed to ensuring that our campus continues to be a safe and welcoming place for students from all nations, for international service, and continued collaboration across borders. We have and continue to benefit from the contributions of current and former students, and permanent and visiting faculty, from the currently affected countries whose populations comprise more than 130 million people.

A cornerstone of our strategic plan is to foster opportunities for global and cultural literacy through our curriculum and programming. An important part of that commitment is embracing the diversity of cultures, languages, ethnicities, and faiths that form the Monmouth University community of students, scholars, and staff.

In recent years we have taken affirmative action to expand our global connections and international university affiliates in China, India, Africa and the Middle East to provide opportunities at the graduate and undergraduate levels. We remain committed to academic freedom on a global scale and continue to champion study abroad opportunities and academic exchanges between our faculty, staff, and students with international institutions.

We will continue to keep the community apprised of further federal actions that impact our students, faculty, and staff.  In meantime if you have any concerns about how this fluid situation may affect you, please contact Vice Provost for Global Education Jon Stauff at 732-263-5843 or via email at .

Paul R. Brown, Ph.D.

Laura J. Moriarty, Ph.D.