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Tjeerd Boonman, Ph.D.

Specialist Professor Boonman Visiting Researcher at FU Hagen, Germany

Tjeerd Boonman, Ph.D., specialist professor in finance and economics, recently completed a visiting summer research residency at FernUniversitaet Hagen (FU Hagen), Germany. FU Hagen is the largest university in the country with an enrollment of around 75,000 students.

During his two-month residency, Boonman worked with researchers in the International Macroeconomics department to study international finance and economics. Boonman conducted two projects: the first on sentiments and bond yields with Joscha Beckman, Ph.D., professor at FU Hagen, and John Burke, specialist professor of finance at Monmouth University; and the second on contagion and spillover in exchange rate movements using a network approach with Jens Fittje, Ph.D., assistant professor at FU Hagen.

Boonman also completed a paper, “Survey data, sentiments, and capital flows to emerging market economies,” with Beckman and Sven Schreiber, doctoral student at FU Hagen. The collaborative project was presented at a research seminar and has been submitted to a peer-reviewed journal for future publication.

According to Boonman, he has a standing invitation to return to FernUniversitaet Hagen and continue his research in summer 2023.