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School of Education Principals’ Academy 1st Session: Recognizing Your Leadership Style

On Wednesday, October 28, 2015, the School of Education held the first session for the 2015-2016 Principals’ Academy. The session, titled “Recognizing Your Leadership Style,” was presented by the following Principals: Mr. Vinny Dally Cardillio, Shore Regional High School; Mr. James Erhardt, Betty McElmon Elementary; Dr. Michael Fiorillio, Frank Antonides School: Mr. Matthew Howell, Maple Place School; Ms. Melanie Lipinski, Wolf Hill School

The presenters began by having the participants key in on their own personal leadership styles using “Poll Everywhere” and a “Quick Click Survey”. They then discussed in detail the positive and negative aspects of each style. The whole emphasis of the presentation was that no one style fits every situation and that it is important to recognize when to tap into the various positive aspects of each style. The presenters concluded the presentation by providing the participants with various practical applications/scenarios. This interactive presentation had everyone involved.