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Prof. Hettie Williams headshot

Prof. Williams Presents on “Black Women and the Long Struggle for Freedom” Jan. 15

Hettie V. Williams, Ph.D., assistant professor of African American history in the Department of History and Anthropology, is the featured speaker for an educational event sponsored by the Union Public Library on Friday, Jan. 15 at 1 p.m.

Preregistration is required to attend Williams’ presentation, “Black Women and the Long Struggle for Freedom,” which will examine how Black women in New Jersey have been pioneers in activism before, during, and after the Civil Rights Era.

Williams is the author of “Bury My Heart in a Free Land: Black Women Intellectuals in Modern U.S. History” and “We Shall Overcome to We Shall Overrun: The Collapse of the Civil Rights Movement and the Black Power Revolt (1962-1968),” and co-author of “Race and the Obama Phenomenon: The Vision of a More Perfect Multiracial Union.”

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