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Book Cover for Peacebuilding in Israeli-Palestinian Relations

Professor Sarsar’s Book, ‘Peacebuilding in Israeli-Palestinian Relations,’ Recently Published

Book Cover for Peacebuilding in Israeli-Palestinian Relations

Professor of Political Science Saliba Sarsar ’78, Ph.D., had his latest book published by Peter Lang International Academic Publishers. Titled “Peacebuilding in Israeli-Palestinian Relations,” the book emphasizes how grassroots peacebuilding efforts contribute to closing the gap between the Israeli and Palestinian national communities that have been in conflict for decades. The analysis is undertaken at the individual, pair, and entity levels.

Sarsar’s book explores how those involved at each level view the relationship with the other and act to bring about coexistence, a shared society, or peace in a sustained way amid major challenges and an uncertain future. A strong argument is to cultivate and embrace “the habits of peace,” mainly wider perspective, long-term view, compassion, dialogue, forgiveness, nonviolence, and reconciliation.

Sarsar concludes the book with an open letter to Palestinians and Israelis, urging them to reconsider their ways and imagine a better tomorrow for themselves and future generations. He writes, “True peace comes to us when we prepare for it. Our children deserve a better tomorrow than today or yesterday. If peace does not embrace us, who or what will it embrace? If not now, when?”

Sarsar received his Ph.D. from Rutgers University. His research interests include Palestinian-Israeli relations, Jerusalem, democracy in the Middle East, and American foreign policy in the Middle East.