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Professor Saliba Sarsar op-ed in Jerusalem Post

Professor Sarsar “In Search of Authentic Leaders”

In his recently published article, “In Search of Authentic Leaders,” International Leadership Journal, [12, 3 (2000): 80–84], Professor Saliba Sarsar, Ph.D., argues that the need for transformative leadership is urgent. The major challenges and risks we are facing—Coronavirus pandemic, racism, gender inequality, food insecurity and famine, energy dependence, resource depletion, global warming/climate change, deforestation, habitat destruction, international conflict—cannot be solved independently or in isolation of others.

Sarsar advocates for collaboration and coordination, truth and trust, transparency and accountability, rights and responsibility, and principles balanced with pragmatism as the essential factors or qualities that can put us on the right path. Yet, he points out, several positional political leaders are turning authoritarian and populist, more nationalistic, preferring to advance their personal, parochial, or state interests instead of the common good, at home and beyond. Sarsar concludes his article by appealing to all to reimagine the future and put forward leaders who are authentic, with abilities to communicate and act effectively with meaning and purpose.