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Professor Robert Scott to Speak at Monmouth University on October 22

Professor Robert Scott of Monmouth University’s Department of Communication will join the Master of Arts in Corporate and Public Communication (CPC) Colloquium Speaker Series, on Tuesday, October 22, at 8 p.m. in Plangere Center 134.

Scott has more than 20 years of experience in the communication and media industries. His professional background includes corporate communication, entertainment media technology, and film, television, and video production. He is a media consultant, freelance writer/producer, and specialist professor at Monmouth University.

As a consultant and producer, Scott has worked with an array of industry innovators in digital cinema, media asset management, content distribution, consumer electronics, and various business and creative strategies involving digital technologies.

Scott is presently the lead editor of ETCentric: The Industry Insider’s Exchange, a collaborative online destination and daily electronic alert that provides technology news, trends, and opinions as they relate to entertainment media. Winner of two Interactive Media Awards for design and content, ETCentric is the publishing arm of the Entertainment Technology Center at the University of Southern California.

Scott was formerly with the New Technology & New Media department at The Walt Disney Company where he managed online and video communication initiatives.


Monmouth University’s graduate program in Corporate and Public Communication prepares students for entry into a variety of advanced communication professions or post-graduate programs. The 31-credit program, facilitated by graduate faculty possessing a broad range of professional and scholarly credentials, provides an in-depth, balanced study of practice and theory. Monmouth also allows students to focus their coursework in areas such as Strategic Public Relations and New Media, Public Service Communication, and Human Resources Management and Communication.