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Monmouth University is proud to announce that Dr. Mohammad S. Obaidat, a world renowned scientist/engineer/academic and professor of computer science and software engineering, has published a new book  titled “Handbook of Green Information and Communication Systems,” published by Elsevier.

The book gives a comprehensive guide on the fundamental concepts, applications, algorithms, protocols, new trends and challenges, and research results in the area of green Information and Communications Systems (ICT). It is a valuable resource for both the new and experienced researcher in green ICT as well as a textbook in the discipline.

The book is considered the only singular, all-encompassing book on state-of-the-art technical green ICT. It provides a comprehensive guide to selected topics, both ongoing and emerging, in green communications, computing, information, and networking systems, using a treatment approach suitable for pedagogical purposes.

The book contains 816 pages and it is organized into 27 chapters, which are grouped into four parts. Its ISBN is: 9780124158443

·        PART 1 is devoted to topics related to green communications, and is composed of seven chapters: Chapters 1-7.

·        PART 2 focuses on topics related to green computing. It is composed of five chapters: Chapters 8-12.

·        PART 3 focuses on green networking and related issues. It is composed of ten chapters: Chapters 13-22.

·        PART 4 deals with green innovative applications in the areas of communications, computing and networking. It is composed of 5 chapters: Chapters 23-27.

The book has unique features that would make it a valuable resource for readers, such as:

1.     It is designed, in structure and content, with the intention of making it useful at all learning levels.

2.     The book provides a comprehensive bibliography section, which should greatly help the readers interested further to dig into the aforementioned topics.

3.     Throughout the chapters of this book, most of the core research topics of green communications, computing and networking have been covered. This makes the book particularly useful for industry practitioners working directly with the practical aspects behind enabling the technologies in the field.

4.     The book was written with an eye towards the classroom. That is why it has a set of slides for each chapter that can be used by instructors adopting the book for their classes.

The book is an excellent choice as a textbook for graduate courses or senior year undergraduate courses in computer science, electrical engineering, computer engineering, software engineering, and information sciences, technology, and systems and an outstanding reference for practicing engineers, scientists and managers.

Professor Mohammad S. Obaidat is an internationally known academic, researcher, and scientist. He received his Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in computer engineering with a minor in computer science from The Ohio State University. An accomplished author and writer, he has been an editor for numerous scientific journals including being the editor in chief of three scholarly international journals: the International Journal of Communication Systems, Journal of Convergence, and Journal of Information Processing. He is also a technical editor of IEEE Wireless Communications and is currently serving as editor or advisory editor for many other journals including IEEE Transactions on SMC, IEEE Systems Journal, Security and Communication Networks Journal, Journal of Networks, Journal of Communications, Computer Communications Journal, and JDMS, among many other scholarly journals and transactions.

He is the author of over ten books and over 550 refereed scholarly journal and conference publications. His books have been translated into several languages and have been used as textbooks and references worldwide. He has received numerous awards including the SCS prestigious Presidential Service Award for his outstanding unique, long-term technical contributions and services to the profession and society; the SCS esteemed McLeod Founder’s Award for his outstanding technical contribution to modeling and computer simulation; the IEEE AICCSA 2009 Best Paper Award; the IEEE GLOBECOM 2009 Best Paper Award; the prestigious IEEE Communication Society’s Outstanding Leadership Award for his distinguished contribution and leadership to the 2010 IEEE GLOBECOM-Communication Software, Services, and Multimedia Applications (CSSMA 2010) Symposium; the IEEE DCNET 2011 Best Paper Award; the Nokia Research Fellowship Award; and the Fulbright Distinguished Scholar Award. He has chaired numerous international conferences and given numerous keynote speeches worldwide. He has served as an IEEE Computer Society Distinguished lecturer/visitor, and currently he is a distinguished lecturer for the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) and the SCS. Dr. Obaidat is a fellow of the SCS and a fellow of the IEEE.