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Professor Bluemel Presents Leverhulme Lecture March 10

Kristin Bluemel, Ph.D., professor of English and Wayne D. McMurray Endowed Chair, will deliver a lecture, “Green worlds in black and white: women artists, children’s books, and the 1930s wood engraving revival,” on March 10 at 12 p.m. (Eastern Time). The lecture is part of the Stirling Maxwell Centre for the Study of Text/Image Cultures Spring 2022 Seminar Series at the University of Glasgow. The in-person event located at the Humanity Lecture Theatre at the University of Glasgow will include an online component, which is free with advanced registration.

In her lecture, Bluemel will analyze beautiful children’s books published in the mid-twentieth century to reveal how and why women artists who followed in the path of legendary wood engraver Thomas Bewick were able to achieve acclaim and independence during modern Britain’s most depressed and dangerous decades.

Bluemel will be delivering the lecture as part of her seven-month position as Leverhulme Visiting Professor at Newcastle University, which she secured in November 2021. The grant award goes to Newcastle University and is funded by the Leverhulme Trust, a foundation that supports humanities, science, and social science research in the U.K.

Details for Bluemel lecture