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Jing Zhou Exhibiting at Evolving Graphic Design 2022

Prof. Zhou Exhibits and Presents at “Evolving Graphic Design” at University of Wisconsin-Madison

Jing Zhou, MFA, professor of graphic and interactive design in the department of Art and Design, exhibited and presented her recent works in the Evolving Graphic Design exhibition and symposium at University of Wisconsin-Madison in June 2022.

The symposium was held on June 23-24 in partnership with SEGD (Society for Experiential Graphic Design)—the global multidisciplinary design community of professionals in 35 countries. The group exhibition collecting a diverse body of work took place in the Art Loft Gallery and Backspace Gallery in UW-Madison from May 24 to June 24. It showcased evolving graphic design education, research, and techniques beyond print, crossing boundaries among creative coding, 3D printing, guerrilla projection, speculative design, performative sound, data visualization, human-centered design, augmented reality with activism, inclusive graphic design, and cultural identity impacted by globalization. The VR gallery of this exhibition is available online.

Prof. Zhou’s work on display at “Evolving Graphic Design” at University of Wisconsin-Madison

Zhou exhibited three award-winning projects—interaction design “Cradlr: A Design Project for Refugee Children,” web design “Jiang Jian: Mother of Wounded Warriors and Refugee Children,” and poster design “20/20 Vision, 20/20 Thinking.” “Cradlr” received the Creative Work Award of the 2020 Design Incubation Communication Design Educators Awards and the UX Design Award at 2021 Peru Design Biennial (profile: 65,980 applicants in 14 categories, 1 award winner per category). “Jiang Jian was exhibited at the 2020 International Juried Virtual Exhibition Digital Power organized by SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community and received the Silver Award of IDEA Design at the 2021 United Design Alliance (UDA) Annual International Design Competition. “20/20 Vision, 20/20 Thinking” was one of the best 100 posters among 6078 international entries in the “Fake News” international competition hosted by Poster for Tomorrow based in Paris.

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