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Screen image from "A Womxn Destroyed"

Prof. Stojanov Presents “A Womxn Destroyed” Artist Talk

Amanda M. Stojanov, M.F.A., assistant professor of digital media in the Department of Communication, presented “A Womxn Destroyed” artist talk at the New Media Caucus (NMC) showcase. The New Media Caucus showcase is a series of rapid-fire, six-minute presentations by NMC members at the College Arts Association (CAA) 112th Annual Conference.

According to Stojanov, “A Womxyn Destroyed” is a digital performance that delves into the anger felt by femme or femme-identified individuals who have traversed the spectrum of femme experiences, embracing, transforming, or relinquishing this identity while frequently concealing these emotions.

The 2024 Showcase is available on the NMC YouTube channel, with Stojanov’s segment beginning at the 07:52 mark.