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Head and shoulders image of a man wearing suit and tie. Prof. Luis Mora-Ballesteros

Prof. Mora-Ballesteros Lectures at Instituto Caro y Cuervo

Luis Mora-Ballesteros, Ph.D., a lecturer of Spanish in the World Languages and Cultures Department, was invited as a guest speaker at the Caro and Cuervo Institute, Bogotá, Colombia, on Aug. 9 and Aug. 15.

In his first presentation, Mora-Ballesteros discussed the first two novels of his border trilogy, <<Díptico de la frontera>> (2020) and <<La sombra del comandante>> (2021), as well as the forthcoming novel, <<Ya no es posible el Sur>>, that will conclude the series. The interview, conducted in Spanish, was streamed live and is now available as a recording on YouTube.

In his second presentation on Aug. 15, Mora-Balleseros will speak on the topic, “Ciudad, dystopia y juegos de control en la novela  latinoamericana de inicios del siglo XXI,” (City, dystopia and games of control in the Latin American novel at the beginning of the 21st century). The lecture aired live at 4 p.m. EDT on Facebook @InstitutoCaroyCuervoColombia, with a recording now available at

Mora-Ballesteros was also interviewed for the Aug. 14 episode of the podcast, “Esto No Es Una Frontera – Esto Es Un Río” (This is not a border – this is a river), airing on Spotify.

Spanish language flyer promoting a lecture by Prof. Mora-Ballesteros, on August 15, 2023. The flyer has a picture of a man, and details for how to watch lecture on facebook at 4 pm
Spanish language flyer with details of Prof. Mora-Ballesteros' speaking engagement in Bogota Colombia on Aug. 9, 2023. The image also has a picture of a man.