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Prof. Mathbor Delivers Keynote Speech at International Conference

Golam Mathbor, Ph.D., professor in the School of Social Work, recently presented as a keynote speaker at the International Conference on Social Administration and Justice at the University of Malaya, in Malaysia, on Aug. 24.

Mathbor delivered his speech at the hybrid event that hosted delegates from more than 20 countries and covered topics including the social and cultural well-being of individuals, families, and communities; sustainable and ethical practice in human services; educating for change, human rights and equality, and more. Additionally, Mathbor touched on the importance of collaboration and partnership with professional social work organizations to influence social and economic policies.

He concluded his speech, “I hope that each of you will become part of the change needed to strengthen social solidarity by participating in productive community resilience discussions, and by accepting that all countries and their populations can be more productive when they are globally connected.”

The main goal of the conference was to nurture and empower a new generation of scholars and practitioners, equipped to engage in social services practices with relevant knowledge and a range of conceptual and practical tools.