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Prof. Koning Exhibits at Texas Tech University

Objects used in the creation of stop motion animations by Wobbe F. Koning, MFA, associate professor of animation in the department of Art and Design, are included in the exhibition, “Animation as Art: A Multisensory Experience,” at the Museum of Texas Tech University. The exhibit opened on March 23 and will run through the summer of 2024.

The exhibition gathers the work of more than 30 renowned national and international animators and will screen artists’ animations together with the objects used, which will give the public the opportunity to appreciate the material and tactile phases of the animation processes and highlight the relationship of animation with both the plastic arts and everyday objects.

Four animations by Professor Koning are included: All three of the “Vicious Cycles” (2018 – 2013) series, and “Home, Closed” (2020). Set pieces for three of the works will be on display as well as hand crafted character objects from “Home Closed,” and a large number of the hundreds of small 3D prints that were used for the “Vicious Cycles” series.

Handcrafted Character Objects for Hiome Closed (2020)
Still from Boom -> Bust
Still from Boom -> Bust by Wobbe F. Koning
Some of the 3D printed objects used for the Vicious Cycles series.