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Professor Megan Delaney interviewed on the Going Out/Looking In podcast

Prof. Delaney Interviewed on Podcast About Ecotherapy

Megan Delaney, Ph.D., LPC, associate professor of psychology, was recently interviewed on the podcast Going On/Looking In for the episode, “Nature is Nurture: Therapy in Collaboration with the Natural World.”

On the podcast, which explores “the big questions in life, personal growth, and spirituality,” host Maximilian Bartel and Delaney discuss ecotherapy and how nature can act as a co-facilitator in healing processes. The episode offers a deep dive into the connection between the natural world, mental health and well-being; immersive experiences in nature as a modality to reset our senses; and the effects of teaching and witnessing the work of students and clients, among other topics.

Delaney’s research explores the influence of natural world on our mental health and the use of ecotherapy in clinical practice and the counselor education classroom. Trained in outdoor leadership through the National Outdoor Leadership School, she spent several years as a wilderness instructor for organizations including the National Wildlife Federation and Outward Bound. Today, she infuses ecotherapy in her counseling classroom as well as her private practice.