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Palladino Elected VP and President-Elect of American Society of Andrology

Palladino Elected as VP and President-Elect of American Society of Andrology

Vice Provost for Graduate Studies Michael Palladino, Ph.D., has been elected vice president and president-elect of the American Society of Andrology (ASA). In April, he will begin his one-year term in this role before becoming the organization’s president in 2020. Palladino has previously filled leadership roles on the ASA Executive Board as chair of the Finance Committee, chair of the Trainee Affairs Committee, and others.

“The ASA is a unique organization where scientists and physicians interact to advance andrology from basic science to translational and clinical applications,” Palladino said, noting that the field of andrology deals with the anatomy, functions, and disorders of the male reproductive system. “As one of the first scientific organizations I became involved in as a graduate student, the ASA has been a special organization to me throughout my career, and I am honored to be elected as vice president/president-elect.”

Specializing in the cell and molecular biology of male reproductive organs, Palladino has conducted research on the genes and proteins involved in detecting and protecting male reproductive organs from bacterial and viral infections, as well as the genetic effects of impaired blood flow and oxygen levels on fertility. In 2009, Palladino was honored by the ASA with the Young Andrologist Award, which recognizes significant research in the field of male reproductive biology by a member under the age of 45.

“Over the years, my undergraduate student researchers at Monmouth have also benefited greatly from opportunities provided by ASA because we place a high value on developing trainees – the critical future of our field,” Palladino explained.

Founded in 1975, the ASA’s goal is to promote scientific interchange and knowledge of the male reproductive system by fostering a multi-disciplinary approach. The organization has over 600 members from around the world whose specialty fields include male reproduction, endocrinology, urology, anatomy, biochemistry, and more. Palladino’s appointment as president will be the first time the society has elected a leader from a school of Monmouth’s size.

“I look forward to working with the extraordinarily talented scientists and physicians in our membership who are so dedicated to and passionate about the ASA,” Palladino said.