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Head and shoulders image of a OTD Program Director John Patro

OTD Chair Patro Selected for AOTA Academic Leadership Institute

John Robert Patro Jr., OTD, occupational therapy department chair and OTD program director, has been chosen to represent Monmouth University at the national level as a participant in the 2023-2024 American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) Academic Leadership Institute.

“I am deeply honored to be chosen for this esteemed program and to represent Monmouth University,” Patro said while expressing his gratitude and eagerness for the opportunity. “I look forward to learning from fellow leaders in the field and bringing back valuable insights that will benefit our students and the entire University community.”

Each year, AOTA selects participants for the Academic Leadership Institute by seeking individuals with a proven track record of excellence, innovation, and dedication to advancing the field of occupational therapy. Patro was chosen based on his passion for research, education, and evidence-based practice.

Throughout his time at Monmouth University, Patro said he has prioritized mentoring students, engaging in pioneering research, advocating for the importance of occupational therapy, and made a commitment to fostering a culture of excellence within the occupational therapy program,

The 2023-2024 AOTA Academic Leadership Institute that commences later this year will provide Patro with a platform to collaborate with other occupational therapy professionals from across the nation. The institute’s curriculum is designed to empower participants with the necessary leadership skills and strategies to drive positive change in academic settings.