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New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Recognizes Monmouth U. as Recycling Leader

Photo of Thomas Herrington, Ph.D., accepting the recycling award on behalf of Monmouth University.
Thomas Herrington, Ph.D., accepts the recycling award on behalf of Monmouth University. Herrington is associate director of the Urban Coast Institute and serves as the co-chair of the Sustainability Advisory Council (SAC) at Monmouth.

Monmouth University was among nine businesses, organizations, and individuals recognized at the 39th Annual Association of New Jersey Recyclers symposium held Oct. 10 at the Jumping Brook Country Club in Neptune, New Jersey, according to a New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection press release.

The university was recognized as an institutional leader for its broad-based program that resulted in recycling 46% of the waste generated on campus in 2018. The program includes initiatives to recycle glass, plastic, metal, aluminum, used light bulbs, batteries, toner cartridges, and more.  The installation of hydration stations to encourage use of reusable containers and the donation of old electronic equipment, clothes, and books to charities were also cited as contributing factors to the successful program.

In 2018, the university recycled approximately 1.13 tons of light bulbs, 268.51 tons of construction and demolition debris, and 5.41 tons of computer equipment. In addition, 100% of landscaping waste is regularly reused as mulch or soil amendments on campus grounds or is sent to an area composting facility.

“I commend these award winners for their work to promote recycling and educate their communities about the importance of diverting waste to better protect our natural resources,” Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Catherine R. McCabe said. “New Jersey is consistently a national leader in recycling, and we applaud the winners for going above and beyond to help safeguard the environment.”

Monmouth University has been a member of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s WasteWise Business Network since March 2009 and was also recently recognized as a New Jersey Sustainable Business.

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and the Association of New Jersey Recyclers co-sponsor the symposium, where recycling awards are presented annually to those who have made significant contributions to recycling in New Jersey.

More information about Monmouth University’s efforts to reduce waste and increase recycling is available online.