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Faculty Cohort ACUE Training

Monmouth University’s First Faculty Cohort Completes ACUE Certification

Monmouth University has announced that 20 faculty members have completed the 25-week “Effective Teaching Practice Framework” course offered by the Association of Colleges and University Educators (ACUE). The course covers foundational knowledge of instructional skills and has been endorsed by the American Council on Education. The 25 modules help faculty develop competencies in over 200 evidence-based teaching practices, with the goal of providing better learning experiences for students. Independent studies have shown improved student outcomes when courses are taught by ACUE-certified faculty.

According to ACUE, students learn more and equity gaps close when ACUE-certified faculty are teaching courses. Pamela Scott-Johnson, Monmouth University provost and senior vice president for Academic Affairs, praised the graduating cohort and said they are “among the best of the best instructional personnel across the country.”

ACUE Partnership Director Marianne Dombroski, who attended the ACUE pinning ceremony at Monmouth University on Jan. 10, said, “Congratulations to this outstanding group of faculty and the leaders who supported them on their journey to earning ACUE’s certificate in Effective College Instruction!” ACUE’s courses cover topics such as designing an effective course, establishing a productive learning environment, using active learning techniques, promoting higher order thinking, and using assessments to inform instruction and promote learning.

Jen Brill, director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Monmouth University and facilitator of the ACUE program, said the University is “committed to providing its faculty with the tools and resources needed to deliver the best possible educational experience for its students. The completion of this year-long training program is a testament to the faculty’s dedication to excellence in education.”

Faculty who completed the program are Denise Crowley, clinical specialist professor of physical rehabilitation; Patricia Dempsey, interim director of the MSN program; Danielle Frith, specialist professor of special education; Torrey Gallagher, assistant professor of mathematics; Andrea Garcia, doctoral capstone coordinator and specialist professor of occupational therapy; Elizabeth Gilmartin-Keating, senior lecturer of English; Shannon Hokanson, lecturer in communication; Yana Kosenkov, lecturer in chemistry and physics; Lynn Kraemer-Siracusa, lecturer in English; Yulin Li, assistant professor of economics, finance, and real estate; Colleen Manzetti, associate professor of nursing and coordinator of the nurse educator program; Carol McArthur-Amedeo, program director and lecturer of special education; Emanuel Palsu-Andriescu, lecturer in mathematics; Karen Pesce, senior lecturer in biology; Erica Sciarra, specialist professor of nursing; Sean Sterrett, assistant professor of wildlife biology; Joseph Torchia, lecturer in English; Nancy Uddin, department chair and associate professor of accounting; Paul Urbanski, associate professor of social work; and Charles Willow, associate professor of management and leadership.

Scott-Johnson said a second faculty cohort would begin the certification process in February, with an expected completion date in December.

ACUE is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving student outcomes by empowering faculty to integrate evidence-based teaching practices. The “Effective Teaching Practice Framework” provides faculty with the resources they need to enhance student learning and success.

Members of Monmouth University’s first faculty cohort who completed the 25-week “Effective Teaching Practice Framework” course offered by the Association of Colleges and University Educators (ACUE).
Monmouth University Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Pamela Scott-Johnson (from left) with ACUE Partnership Director Marianne Dombroski, ACUE Chief Academic Officer Penny MacCormack, and Monmouth University President Patrick F. Leahy.