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Monmouth University Students Win Award in Second Annual “Marathon Hackathon”

Monmouth University’s Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering is proud to announce that two junior students, Justin R. Schlemm, Leonardo, N.J. and Taylor J. Klodowski, Manasquan, N.J. recently earned second place at WorkWave’s Second Annual “Marathon Hackathon” held on June 7and 8, 2014.

In addition to the award, Schlemm and Klodowski received a $400 prize for creating a mobile application that will connect volunteers to relevant charity events. Their application ChariTEA (Technology, Effort, Action) will allow charities to post times, dates, and skillset requirements when volunteer effort is needed.  It will also allow volunteers to post their skills, register for volunteer assignments, and maintain a personal profile to keep a record of hours worked, which can be accessible to charity organizations as well.

WorkWave, which provides a cloud-based business management platform for companies with a mobile workforce, hosted the competition in their new offices located in Neptune, N.J. The Hackathon lasted 26.2 hours and challenged teams of software developers from the tri-state area to create a fully functional application from scratch during the allotted time. The application was to focus on connecting volunteers, individuals or organizations to relevant local charity events. WorkWave is also a sponsor for the Monmouth University School of Science Summer Research Program.

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