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Monmouth University hosted the biggest emergency evacuation center in New Jersey for residents impacted by Sandy. Over 1,000 people were housed in Multipurpose Activity Center (MAC) and Boylan Gymnasium.

The Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office and the Monmouth University Police Department organized and operated the Center that included critical participation by emergency services groups, social/welfare organizations, and health and EMT personnel. Invaluable was the security and processing support provided by New Jersey Air Force and Army National Guard units.

Monmouth University creative engineers and electricians, plumbers, carpenters, tireless custodians, and communications personnel enabled the Center to operate around the clock for over a week.

MAC/Boylan Gym had sleeping and eating sections, a child play area, as well as an infirmary located in the Athletics training room.

All county services were headed by Undersheriff Mickey Donovan.

President Gaffney stated: “The University was proud to offer a temporary home for the evacuees and the talent to run evacuation facilities, but most important was the incredible level of cooperation among the many organizations who cared so remarkably well for so many neighbors victimized by the storm. My hat is off to Sheriff Golden and his senior staff and our own Chief Bill McElrath for setting the tone of cooperation. When experts review evacuation operations around the state, I feel this cooperation will be judged as model.”