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Monmouth University School of Education Special Services Academy Hosts “Transition Services”

The Monmouth University Special Services Academy hosted Ms. Maryann Antenucci of the ARC of Monmouth on December 5. She facilitated “Transition Services,” an informative session on transitioning students with special needs into adulthood.

Ms. Antenucci shared her experiences from her unique vantage point of a professional with a background in special education, as well as a mother of a special needs daughter. She presented the audience with a detailed explanation of an appropriate Transition Timeline emphasizing the importance of key elements along the way, such as applying for support programs like Social Security, Medicaid, transportation access cards, and other essential areas that need to have an application submitted prior to receiving benefits.

Ms. Antenucci spoke at length of the need to formulate a connection with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services, offering stories of how beneficial this connection has been in the life of the people she has worked with. She also provided strategies on how to transition special needs students, and handouts on resources throughout Monmouth County and how to connect to them.

The ARC of Monmouth was formed in 1949 by a group of parents seeking to find a way to provide services for their children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. There are currently 25 locations throughout Monmouth County, which serve over 1,400 individuals, providing employment, vocational, and educational services; adult training; community living programs; healthcare; social services; and an abundance of enriching recreational activities.

After a question and answer period, Academy members discussed the upcoming session to be held on Thursday, February 20: “Impact of New Assessments and Teacher Evaluation Systems on Special Education,” which will highlight the new assessment system being introduced into New Jersey schools.

The Academy membership is made up of special service directors, school psychologists, learning consultants, school social workers, and speech specialists. Its mission is to provide professional learning communities that offer growth opportunities for members with sessions that focus on promoting reflective practice and positively impacting student and teacher learning.

For more information regarding the Special Services Academy and its workshop series, please call 732-571-7518 or send e-mail to