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Monmouth University Associate Professor of Marketing and International Business, Susan Forquer Gupta’s co-authored paper “An integrative framework for cross-cultural consumer behavior” was one of the most downloaded articles of the past 30 years according to the International Marketing Review. Professor Gupta co-authored the paper with David Luna, a doctoral student she was working with while at the University of Wisconsin.

The research paper describes how the world economy is becoming increasingly cross-cultural. During the next decades, as marketers enter new international markets, an understanding of how culture influences consumer behavior will be crucial for both managers and consumer researchers. This article presents a framework that integrates and reinterprets current research in cross-cultural consumer behavior. The framework also serves to identify areas that need further research and can be used as a template for marketers seeking to understand their foreign consumers. The article also attempts to integrate from an applied perspective two distinct traditions in the study of culture and consumer behavior: the anthropological approach and the cross-cultural psychology tradition.

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