Monmouth University Professor Stuart Rosenberg and alumni from the MBA program Jacob Brichkin and Samantha Bernstein presented their co-authored paper, “Strategy and Economics in the United States and Israel: A Millennial Perspective,” at the Academy of Business Research conference in New Orleans on March 14. 

The genesis of the paper followed an interview Professor Rosenberg and his students conducted with Israel’s Ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, on the day that he spoke at Monmouth University’s commencement in January 2012. Brichkin and Bernstein were both students in Professor Rosenberg’s capstone MBA course, Strategic Management. They decided to write a paper that deals with the increasing pressure for nations to consider, and allocate resources to, economic and social issues in determining their overall strategy.

The paper has also been accepted for publication in the Spring 2013 issue of the Journal of Business & Economic Studies.

Brichkin and Bernstein received their MBAs from Monmouth in 2012. Brichkin is a director of capital services for Massey Knakal in New York City, and Bernstein is a senior analyst for Bank of America/Merrill Lynch in Princeton.

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