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Monmouth University Partners With Ranney School

Monmouth University’s Honors School is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Ranney School on its Upper School’s Ethics Symposium. Administrators and professors from Monmouth University will present lectures on such topics as ethics in business, science, and politics at the Ranney School.

“We are always looking for ways to connect with our neighbors in Monmouth County,” said Head of School Lawrence S. Sykoff, EdD. “Our sophomores will now have a unique opportunity to learn the value of ethics from guest lecturers at a college level.”

Throughout the Upper School’s six-week symposium, students will experience and witness ethical case studies, historical texts, and professional insights that will teach them to research, discuss, listen, debate, collaborate, reflect, write, and express their own ethical viewpoints. “Discussing ethics and asking questions about proper and improper judgment speaks to the very core of our democracy and to democratic theory in general,” said Dr. Kevin Dooley, dean of Monmouth University’s Honors School, at the first event held on January 26, 2012.

This joint venture will feature Monmouth University specialists leading discussions in the Theories and Foundations of Ethics, Bio-Ethics, Ethics in Politics, and more.

The future Ethics Symposium lectures will include:

  • February 24 — Dr. Michaeline Skiba, Ethics and Business.
  • March 21 — Dr. Joseph Patten, Ethics and Politics, featuring the Monmouth University debate team, “Ethical and Effective on Capitol Hill are Mutually Exclusive: A Debate.”
  • May 2 — Dr. Michael Palladino, Ethics and Scientific Research/Bio-Ethics.
  • May 22 — The Emperor’s Club film, discussion and workshop.
  • May 28 — Wrap-up event featuring Dr. Kevin Dooley and student-led discussions of speakers, readings, essays, and postings. Main theme: “Practicing the good!”

For more information, visit the Ranney School Web site at

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Media contact: Petra Ludwig at 732-263-5507