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Monmouth University Partners with Chinese Universities

Monmouth University announced that it has signed articulation agreements with Xi’an University of Posts and Telecommunications (XUPT) and Xi’an University of Science and Technology (XUST), Xi’an, China, to allow eligible students to enter the master’s program in computer Science or software engineering at Monmouth University. President Paul G. Gaffney, Dean of the School of Science Michael Palladino, and Chair of Computer Science and Software Engineering Department Jiacun Wang visited both XUPT and XUST in April to meet with officials at these institutions and finalize the articulation agreements.

These agreements between the Chinese universities and Monmouth University provides admission for qualified XUPT and XUST students majoring in computer science and/or software engineering to attend Monmouth University’s M.S. in computer science or software engineering. The Chinese undergraduate students will complete three years of study at XUPT and XUST and two years of study at Monmouth University. The students will receive a bachelor’s degree from XUPT or XUST and master’s degree from Monmouth University. Chinese students enrolled in this joint program are encouraged to enroll in the ESL Summer Program at Monmouth University prior to starting the fall semester.

President Paul G. Gaffney commented: “This extraordinary partnership will benefit Monmouth University and XUPT and XUST. Students and faculty will enhance their education and global understanding by sharing knowledge, culture, and experience.”

Dr. Michael Palladino, dean of Monmouth University’s School of Science, explained: “We are very pleased and honored to be partnering with colleagues at XUPT and XUST in support of student and faculty collaboration. Scientists and engineers work in multinational environments all the time because they speak a common technical language even when they are from diverse cultural backgrounds. Through Professor Jay Wang’s efforts, we have developed relationships with our partner schools including hosting visiting international scholars and student exchange experiences at MU and in Xi’an.”

XUPT President Jianjun Lu said: “This agreement marks a new milestone of our relationship. The partnership will promote and enhance the exchange of students, scholars and administrators between the United States and China.”

The Monmouth University School of Science offers undergraduate degree programs in biology, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, and software engineering, as well as MS graduate programs in computer science and software engineering. For more information on the programs, contact the Dean of the School of Science, Michael Palladino, at 732-571-3421 or visit