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Monmouth University Business Professor Wins 2013 Outstanding Paper Award

Monmouth University is pleased to announce that  Leon Hess Business School Professor Stuart Rosenberg was presented with a 2013 Award for Excellence by the Emerald Literati Network for the article “Basic Employability Skills: A Triangular Design Approach” that was published in the Emerald journal Education + Training.

Dr. Rosenberg was the lead author for the paper, which examined the attitudes of graduates, faculty, and human resource managers regarding the basic employability skills that are required for job performance. Unlike previous studies that focused primarily on the attitudes of human resource managers, the novelty of this study was that it also surveyed recent college graduates and college faculty to determine whether critical gaps exist in attitudes.

The paper was named the Outstanding Paper Award winner over the more than fifty articles that were published in Education + Training in the last year. The award was chosen by the editor along with an editorial team consisting of eminent academics and practitioners. Dr. Rosenberg was presented with the award at the meeting of the American Sociological Association in New York City by Emerald publisher Tom Dark. 

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