Monmouth University students Kelly Craig and Michelle Grushko won the Western Novice Debate Championships held on March 10 at Sacramento State University in California.  Kelly and Michelle won four playoff victories in a row against teams from Cal State Fullerton, Arizona State, and two teams from Chico State.  This is the first time a Monmouth University team made it past the semi-final round.

Monmouth University had seven teams compete and four teams made it into the playoff rounds.

•       Dan Roman and Lexi Todd, upper division

•       Sam Maynard and Lianne Kulik went 6-0 in the preliminary rounds

•       Jessica Roberts, Dylan Maynard, Ryan Kelly, Amy Francis

•       Saliha Younas, Ashley Medina, Jacquie Corsentino

The Debate Hawks were named the debate program of the year in the northeastern region of the United States in 2010. For more information, contacting Professor Joe Patten at 732-263-5742 or