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Twelve Monmouth University students from Professor Ken Mitchell’s course Argentine Politics traveled to Buenos Aires over winter break and earned course credit.  The two-week trip combined political, economic and social events as well as general tourism.

Students stayed in a classical Spanish-style home and visited many historic and tourist sites including Cemetery of Recoleta, National Cathedral, neighborhood markets of La Boca and San Telmo, and numerous parks and museums. At night, students experienced Argentine culture including salsa dancing and the Argentine custom of eating delicious steaks at night

Students learned about the politics of Argentina. They spent a morning at the Hospital Fernandez, the crown jewel of the public health system in Argentina, and debated public health care with the chief administrator of the hospital. In addition, they visited the US Embassy and discussed Argentine politics with the Chief Political Officer and New Jersey native Kenneth Forder.

A highlight of the trip was a visit with the human rights group the Madres de la Plaza de Mayo where students listened to an 87-year old “madre” who spoke of her “disappeared daughter” and her personal torture at the hands of the military dictatorship that ran Argentina from 1976-1982.  Professor Mitchell explained that “the ‘Cold War’ has an entirely new meaning for these students now.”

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