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A landscape image of the Great Hall at Monmouth University with "2023 BIllboard Top Music Business Schools" badge in top right corner

Monmouth Named One of Billboard’s 2023 Top Music Business Schools

Monmouth University was again selected as one of Billboard’s Top Music Business Schools for its 2023 list. Schools are selected through “executive recommendations, alumni information provided by honorees from [Billboard’s] multiple power lists, information requested from each school and a decade of reporting on these programs.”

“We’re delighted to once again be included on this international list of esteemed and well-established university programs,” said Joe Rapolla, specialist professor and chair of the Music and Theatre Arts department. “This continues to validate that our program offerings, student experience, and approach are unique and particularly relevant. This is evident in our outcomes, and the success of our graduates, which Billboard recognizes each year.”

In its profile of Monmouth, Billboard highlights its “hybrid model” music industry program that combines coursework from the Leon Hess Business School with the University’s music and music business curriculum, preparing students for a range of opportunities in the industry. In addition to being home of the Bruce Springsteen Archives and Center for American Music, Monmouth “incorporates hands-on activities like its student-run record label, Blue Hawk Records, and leverages partnerships with major music organizations, tech companies, agencies and a state-of-the-art recording complex in Asbury Park.” Just last year, after releasing a new album for Blue Hawk Records, the founding members of Monmouth Artists for Diversity & Inclusion were awarded a joint senatorial and gubernatorial proclamation from the State of New Jersey for contributions to society.

“It remains our mission to stay aligned with the ever-evolving music industry, and continue to partner with our students to prepare them for the growing base of opportunities that exist within it,” Rapolla added.

Billboard’s list, which prioritizes more affordable institutions and strives for geographic diversity, concludes that “those attending any of Billboard’s top music business schools will be solidly positioned to pursue careers in an increasingly complex music industry.”