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Monmouth First Year Seminar Class Announces Release of “The TXT Book”

Students in Monmouth University Professor Kelly Ward’s first year seminar class have graduated to a level of achievement unknown by most of their peers: author.

Ward and her students recently released The TXT Book: Your Guide to Social Networking (AuthorHouse Publishing), which delves into the issues surrounding social connectedness in the age of technology, especially the use of cell phones, text messaging, and social media giant Facebook.

Using a reader-friendly, age-appropriate tone, the book serves as a “How-to” guide for students and their parents about the proper use of technology in everyday life and explores the impact of being technologically inclined on interpersonal social connectedness.

Most students know that using their cell phones and surfing Facebook are forbidden in the classroom, but many are unsure about the etiquette issues involving these social tools in everyday life and how their behaviors when using these tools affect their relationships.

The book offers helpful tips about how to be “politically” correct in the social media world, including:

  • There are different rules and behaviors that males should follow when sending a text message to a female.
  • These rules change when a female sends a text to a male.
  • It’s universally unacceptable to take longer than 10 minutes to reply to a text.

Ward’s class, pen-named the Monmouth University Socially Connected, brainstormed and divided these and other major issues concerning technological communication into chapters, providing useful tips and insights about how and when to text, call, or use Facebook.

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