Meet Monmouth University’s first-time, full-time students in the 2019 incoming class. Among the 994 first-time, full-time students, the average incoming GPA is 3.47. Ten percent of the students were accepted to the honors school, 45% are first generation students, and 16% are DI student athletes.  The incoming class comes from 23 states (plus the District of Columbia) and 13 countries are represented by 14 students —Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, Lithuania, Netherlands, South Africa, United Kingdom, and Vietnam. There are representatives from all 21 New Jersey counties and the most popular hometown is Staten Island, with 32 students. The top five majors selected are: No. 1 Business Administration; No. 2 Health Studies/Health and Physical Education; No. 3 Biology/Marine and Environmental Biology and Policy; No. 4 Education; and tied at No. 5, Psychology and Communication. There are nine students born on July 11 and the most popular car color is white, with 87 cars. The most popular names are Matthew (17); Samantha (13); Nicholas (14); and Emily (10). There are 123 students who speak both English and Spanish; three sets of twins; 84 students related to a Monmouth alum; and 77 students who participated in performing arts in high school.