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Leon Hess Business School Professor David Paul was recognized by the New Jersey Policy Research Organization (NJPRO) and the Stillman School of Business at Seton Hall University for receiving the most “Bright Idea Awards” in the last decade. Dr. Paul had won four awards since 2001.

The Stillman School of Business and the NJPRO Foundation, the public policy research affiliate of the New Jersey Business and Industry Association (NJBIA), collaborate to compile an annual volume of the Publications of New Jersey’s Business Faculty. From that collection of research works, a panel of deans identifies the top 10 manuscripts—those that they feel will have the greatest impact for business practitioners or on advancing knowledge in the discipline. The authors of these publications earn the “Bright Idea Award.” This is the 10th anniversary of the Bright Ideas Awards, and Dr. Paul was honored for earning the most awards at this year’s ceremony held at Middlesex County College on October 21.

Dr. Paul’s received Bright Idea Awards for his published work on topics such as pharmacy layout, ethical considerations in marketing of e-health products, caring for children of the poor and uninsured, and primary care physicians’ attitudes toward direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription drugs.

Dr. Paul is an associate professor and chair of the Department of Management and Marketing at Monmouth University.

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