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For too long now, first year college students have had the fear of gaining the dreaded “Freshman 15,” and returning home for Thanksgiving to hear mom complain about their eating habits. To counteract this apprehension, Monmouth University’s 2012 Entrepreneurship class has discovered the solution to this Rubik’s Cube of a dilemma, through the program known as COREiculum.

In the winter of 2010, Monmouth University’s own, Andrew Stern, became overwhelmed by the eating and exercising habits of his fellow peers, especially the younger students. Andrew commented, “College is not only stressful, but creates a hectic schedule that can make it that much easier to pick up a Twinkie rather than sit down to a healthy meal.” Andrew researched and formulated a fast-paced fitness routine to help sculpt bodies, tone cores, and define abs, while also being a coach, advisor, and classmate. The workout incorporates knowledge provided by former college athletes, tri-athletes, United States Marines, and personal trainers.

In the spring of 2011, COREiculum was launched for Monmouth University students and more than 100 people participated. Results were instantaneous, and ultimately a new trend for staying in shape and getting ready for summer presented itself.

COREiculum is now available on DVD for the discounted price of $29.95 for the first 500 customers, but once those are sold the price returns to original asking price of $49.95. The program consists of a twenty minute workout for five days a week and includes a 2-disk DVD, resistance band, “cheat” sheet for nutritional eating, and online community support to share members’ results.