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Prof. Rosenberg awarded Emerald Publishing Best Case Award

Emerald Publishing Award for Professor Rosenberg

Stuart Rosenberg, Ph.D., professor and chair of the Department of Management and Leadership in the Leon Hess Business School, has won the 2020 Emerald Best Case Award for the best case published in 2020. The award was announced at the 2021 conference of the Eastern Academy of Management (EAM) on May 21.

His paper, “PSEG and the Promise of Wind Power,” was published in the March 2020 issue of The CASE Journal,” the official journal of The CASE Association, which presents students with a modern interpretation of discussion-based teaching and equips the next generation of business professionals with the acumen to solve strategic problems in enterprise.

The CASE Association is an affiliate of the North American Case Association (NACRA) and meets annually in May in conjunction with the EAM, and provides extensive resources and support for case writing, teaching, and research.

According to the association, teaching cases offer students the opportunity to explore real-world challenges in the classroom environment, allowing them to test their assumptions and decision-making skills before taking their knowledge into the workplace.

In his case, Rosenberg examined how Scott Jennings, a vice president at PSEG, the diversified New Jersey-based energy company, managed his responsibilities as the project leader for a large commercial wind farm that was to be built off the coast. The project, Garden State Offshore Energy, a joint venture between PSEG and Deepwater Wind, an experienced developer of offshore wind projects, was experiencing problems in gaining traction because of the inherent difficulties in justifying its costs.

Rosenberg has been a member of the faculty at Monmouth University since 2010 after several years of experience in academia as well as a manager in both the private and public sector. He is the author of the book, “Rock and Roll and the American Landscape: The Birth of an Industry and the Expansion of the Popular Culture,” and the co-editor of “Emerging Business Theories for Educators and Practitioners.”

Prior to becoming department chair, Rosenberg served as chair of the General Education Oversight Committee and as a member of the University Discipline Committee at Monmouth. He is an academic advisor in the Center for Student Success. He is also the immediate past president of the Northeast Business & Economics Association.