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Blue Hawk Records Releases Alternate Version of “twenty”

Blue Hawk Records released “twenty” (acoustic version) in celebration of their graduating seniors on May 11. “twenty,” by Delaney Rivera ’23, was originally the opening track of the label’s 20th compilation album, “20,” released in spring of 2022. This new version features a verse by STV Double G (senior music industry student Gabe Garza), and marks the first time the label has put out an alternate version of a song that was previously featured on one of their compilation albums.

“Everything changes at 20 and I’ve always felt alone during my twenties, so this for the people who feel the same, to know they’re not alone either,” said Garza.

The track represents the feeling of uncertainty, but reassures listeners that there is time to figure things out, and although at 20 we may feel the weight of the world on our shoulders, we are actually all just at the beginning of our journey.

“The acoustic version of ‘twenty’ is insanely special because not only is it a song that holds such strong meaning for me, but being able to record a more raw version of the song I think amplified it,” added Rivera. “This song is for everyone who feels like they are unsure in life, to know it will all work out. Having this opportunity, thanks to Blue Hawk Records and the team, makes me so excited to be able to bring this acoustic version to life.”

Blue Hawk Records dedicates this release to their graduating seniors, and wishes them the best as they embark on new journeys.

“twenty” (Acoustic Version) is available on all streaming platforms. Listen now on Spotify or watch the music video on YouTube.